Tile Information In Brunswick, ME

Durfee’s Flooring Center Offers a Diverse Choice of Tile for Flooring, Walls and Custom Shower Surrounds at Affordable Prices 


Tile is the best choice for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and other moisture-prone areas and we offer a complete selection plus professional installation. If your home remodeling project includes new bathroom flooring and shower surrounds, you should seriously consider tile for these areas. The tile might as well have been created specifically for areas where moisture is prevalent because there is no other product that offers such perfect benefits. From the design perspective, tile offers a wide variety of options to choose from. You can obtain a complete range of tile from the classic tile you’ll find in many bathrooms and kitchens, to high-end luxury tiles. This diverse set of choices makes tile an affordable option for nearly every remodeling budget. Consider these benefits:

  • It’s Waterproof – Glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles are waterproof, which makes them number one choice for household areas that are regularly exposed to water, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Using tile for a shower surround, wall covering, or flooring in these rooms can prevent water damage to underlying structures.
  • It’s Hypoallergenic – Since many of today’s tile materials are from natural sources such as stone or ceramic materials, they don’t give off any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which frequently kick off allergies in some individual. Tile surfaces that are also non-porous and easily wiped down, such as glazed ceramic tiles and glass tiles, are also far less likely to attract and harbor dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. Moreover, they are also resistant to the growth of mildew and bacteria.
  • It’s Durable – Floors and walls that are covered by synthetic materials are very easily damaged. A chair being dragged over a tile floor, or an overzealous youngster armed with crayons can create artwork on the surface that won’t easily be removed, if ever. It takes much more effort to create permanent damage in tile. While tiles can be chipped or cracked by dropping a heavy object upon them, damaged tiles are easily removed and replaced without affecting the undamaged tiles.
  • It’s Easy to Clean – One of the major problems with synthetic materials is that you have to be cautious about the chemicals that you clean them with. Tile is much easier to clean since you can scrub harder with any chemical cleaner. It is also very difficult for dirt or stains to gain any real foothold on the surface of the tiles.

Installing Tile is Usually Not a DIY Project

Professional tile installers have years of experience in preparing and setting tiles, which means they can quickly handle and solve problems that may occur. Tile installation also necessitates having special equipment that can cut tile smoothly to fit into odd-sized spaces. Because of the experience and necessary, contracting a tile installation expert at Durfee’s Flooring Center is recommended. Our installation team members are all State licensed and insured for our customer’s protection.

Durfee’s Flooring Center supplies and professionally install tile for homeowners in Brunswick, Bath, Freeport, Topsham, Harpswell, and other nearby Maine communities. If you would like to know more about tile or to see actual samples of the types available, phone us, e-mail us, or drop by at our showroom in Brunswick, ME at your convenience to discuss your interest in tile with one of our remodeling specialists.

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Area Rug Information In Brunswick, ME

Durfee’s Flooring Center Offers a Complete Selection of Beautiful Karastan Area Rugs in Diverse Styles, Sizes and Colors 

Many homeowners have discovered that the proper placement of one or more colorful area rugs in their rooms and be a great way to enhance their interior décor without requiring the installation of all-new flooring. The best way to understand why this works so well is to dig a bit deeper and explore the world of colors, patterns, and textures found within today’s new area rugs. These rugs can create a ‘focal point’ of color within your rooms overall décor.

Make color work for you when using an area rug

From flooring to ceiling, color is what keeps the room together. Flooring makes up almost 30% of the color in a room. If you plan to use an area rug to be the dominant element within the room, select a patterned rug that has distinct color combinations. Use shades of color from the area rug to select paints and accessories; then extend those colors into adjacent rooms by using coordinating Karastan rugs. Durfee’s Flooring Center provides a very complete selection of Karastan area rugs for homeowners in Brunswick, Bath, Freeport, Topsham, Harpswell, and other nearby Maine communities.

The importance of a pattern in an area rug

Choosing the right area rug is a very personal choice when it comes to the pattern. Whether it is traditional or contemporary, the most important thing is how the pattern will make you feel.

Patterned rugs lend an aura of richness and intimacy to larger rooms. They also provide immediate personality and character, which will permit you to create a certain style. Mixing patterns can be a bit tricky. Keep in mind that if the patterns are related by texture, form, or color, the mix is more likely to be effective.

When used together effectively, complementary patterns are great at defining areas. Use them to define conversation areas in larger rooms, or to separate a dining area from the rest of the space. Don’t be reluctant to use them underneath tables where spills are apt to occur. Patterned rugs are far better than solid rugs when it comes to hiding spots and stains.

Karastan area rugs

If you are using your area rug under a dining room table or you have pets and children who may have accidents, you’ll want to be certain that your new area rug will be easy to clean. The best natural product for dealing with accidents is wool. Our Karastan selections of wool rugs are superior because they have built-in stain-resistant features. Their scaly structure in the wool fibers keeps dirt well up on the pile, thus making vacuuming away dirt more efficient.

Placing an area rug over hard-surfaced flooring can help with noise echoing in a room. Using plush materials like Karastan area rugs, with fabric window treatments and upholstery will help absorb sounds so that your home will be more serene and relaxing.

If you would like additional information about or an extensive collection of Karastan area rugs, to see samples personally, phone us, e-mail us, or stop in at our showroom in Brunswick, ME to discuss your interest in area rugs with one of our flooring consultants.

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Wood Flooring Information in Brunswick, ME

Durfee’s Flooring Center Offers Wood Flooring Not Only Made in America…. It’s Made Right Here in Maine!

Wood flooring is no doubt America’s favorite hard surface, as it has been for hundreds of years.  Hardwood flooring is not only beautiful but also offers added value to your home and provides a “healthier home” environment for your family.

If you reside in Brunswick, Bath, Freeport, Topsham, or Harpswell, and you are looking for hardwood flooring for your remodel or new home build, then look no further than Durfee’s Flooring Center.

The state of Maine is one full of tradition, and family traditions, including hardwood flooring. Durfee’s Flooring Center offers breathtaking hardwood flooring options that are focused on North American products, particularly the ones crafted proudly in Maine.

One of these North American Manufacturers is Maine Traditions Flooring, the makers of unfinished and prefinished solid and engineered wood flooring.

For three generations, Maine Traditions Flooring has been producing flooring of the highest quality. What makes Maine Traditions Hardwood flooring unique?

  • Products are produced from sustainably managed forests
  • All lumber is cut and milled in the state of Maine
  • Trees are grown in the cool Northern climate
  • Because of the slow growth of the trees, unique character and grains are produced.
  • The area’s soil has minerals that enhance the beauty of the wood by creating unique colorations.

Moosewood Hardwood Flooring, yet another North American manufacturer of hardwood flooring.  Using the highest standards of forest sustainability, from the tree seedling to the final board product, Moosewood Hardwood Flooring is a pioneer in responsible forestry stewardship.

Available in Maple, Birch, and Oak, Moosewood Flooring is backed by the Seven Islands, a well-respected name in forestry management. Moosewood Flooring is not only overseen by but also owned by certified professionals who are committed to high-quality flooring products.

The natural beauty of Maine Traditions Flooring and Moosewood Hardwood Flooring, like a fine wine, improves with age. Over time, sunlight, or the lack of natural light, temperature, and climate may alter your wood floorings colorations and hues.  But relax… it’s a beautiful thing. Stop by Durfee’s Flooring Center and see our wood floor offerings first hand.

Exclusive Warranties

30-Day Limited Warranty of Complete Satisfaction

If for any reason you are not COMPLETELY SATISFIED with the carpet during the thirty (30) day period, commencing on the date of installation of the carpet in your home, we will replace it with the same carpet or carpet of equal value. Reinstallation charges are NOT covered by this warranty.

One-Year Limited Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

For the one (1) year period commencing on the date of installation of the carpet in your home, we warranty that if the carpet is defective in the material we will replace the carpet with the same carpet or carpet of equal value. Reasonable labor costs to replace defective carpet are covered by this warranty.

Five or Ten Year Warranties

These warranties are applicable for indoor residential use only. The Flooring Network™ warrants that the surface fiber of the carpet will not wear more than 10% within the stated warranty period. Any areas showing greater wear than 10%, under conditions of normal use, will be replaced at the expense of The Flooring Network™.

Exclusion From Wear Warranty Coverage

The above warranties do not cover damage caused by negligence or improper maintenance, burns, pulls, pilling, matting, shedding, fading, cuts, or damage due to improper cleaning agents, and do not apply to carpets installed on stairs or outside areas.

All consequential damages of any kind resulting from a breach of or failure to perform under the terms of any of the above warranties, including without limitation any damage to the home in which the carpet is installed or to any property contained in said home, any injuries sustained by any person, or any economic losses, commercial losses, loss of time, loss of use of said home or incidental damages such as telephone, travel or lodging expenses, are hereby excluded from the coverage of each of the above warranties. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

Stain Warranties

All Flooring Network carpet has been treated to provide superior resistance to most common household spills and stains, such as foods and beverages. The Flooring Network™ warrants that for the stated number of years after installation, that its carpet will offer improved resistance to stains provided that the carpet is properly installed and maintained in its original single-family interior location. The Flooring Network™ will repair or replace any carpet that does not perform to the terms of this warranty.

Exclusion From Stains Warranty Coverage:

This warranty excludes stains from non-food and non-beverage substances. Staining from acne medications, household cleaners, swimming pool chemicals, chlorine bleach, insecticides, plant foods, vomit, feces, and other harsh substances are not covered by this warranty. This warranty covers staining only and not soil.

No Mat / No Crush Warranty

The Flooring Network™ warrants that all carpet carrying the No Mat / No Crush Warranty label will not mat or crush from foot traffic. This warranty excludes stairs and hallways. (Unless otherwise stated on the back of sample).

If your Flooring Network carpet experiences matting or crushing due to foot traffic within the first six (6) years of a 10 Year No Mat / No Crush Warranty, or the first two (2) years of a 5 Year No Mat / No Crush Warranty, The Flooring Network™ will replace the carpeting with the same carpet or carpet of equal value. Reasonable labor costs to replace said carpet are also covered.

After six (6) years of a 10 Year No Mat / No Crush Warranty, and after two (2) years of a 5 Year No Mat / No Crush Warranty, the same warranty as stated above will apply with the exception that labor charges and cushion replacement will not be covered by The Flooring Network™.



Flooring Network carpet carrying the “Anti-static” label is uniquely constructed to reduce static buildup

CRI Indoor Air Quality Tested

Flooring Network carpet has been tested and approved to meet Carpet & Rug Institute standards for air quality.

FHA Approved

All Flooring Network carpet carrying the “FHA Approved” label meets or exceeds the standards as specified in FHA Bulletin UM44D. The certification does not constitute an endorsement by any agency of the U.S. Government

Flooring Installation

Have Your Floors Installed by the Professionals at Durfees Flooring Center

So you’re planning on having new floors installed in your home located in Brunswick, Maine. You’ve put a lot of hard work into your flooring project so far. You have studied and strained over which flooring style best adds to your surrounding home decorations. You have studied color samples and various styles. You’ve probably even decided which shade would catch natural light the best. You may have even asked friends and family for advice on colors.

Why it’s Important to Have Professionals Install Your Floors

You’ve even made the toughest choice of all. You’ve decided which material has the best balance of durability and comfort for your home. You’ve kept that choice within your budget and lifestyle needs. No wonder you’re getting worn out. Who wouldn’t? It takes a lot of work and planning to redo flooring properly. The worst thing that could happen at this point would be for all of your hard work to go to waste with a poor flooring installation. That is what would happen should you hire an inexperienced contractor. Your floor would look like no time or care was put into it at all. Your collection of color samples spread across your work table may show hard work; but, all people will see when entering your home is that poor floor installation.

This is exactly what Durfee’s Flooring Center located in Brunswick, Maine is here for. We have highly qualified floor professionals who are skilled in all manners of floor installation. It doesn’t matter if your choice is carpet, hardwood, or tile flooring. Everything from your floor, your fixtures, and anything in between can be professionally installed. We have years of experience and trust built in the Brunswick area. We leave behind satisfied customers who have had their expectations exceeded.

We Will Exceed Your Flooring Installation Expectations While Staying Within Your Budget

We respect the amount of work you have done. We know what goes into choosing the proper flooring. Our installation techniques will leave your home looking more beautiful than you even dreamed. This can be done without costing a lot. We have made a pledge to finishing the agreed-upon installation on time and under the project budget. You can finally stop worrying and start enjoying the fruits of your labor. Every project is unique and different in its own way. We consider every installation of a work of art. We will put our heart and soul into turning your home into its best potential.

You can count on us to install any type of floor from:

  • Carpet
  • Hardwood
  • Tile Flooring
  • Countertops
  • Other Kitchen Fixtures

Make sure your dream project turns out exactly as you have planned. Let us do the hard work of installing the floors in your home in Brunswick. Then you can sit back with your family and enjoy the finished project.