Wood Flooring Information in Brunswick, ME

Durfee’s Flooring Center Offers Wood Flooring Not Only Made in America…. It’s Made Right Here in Maine!

Wood flooring is no doubt America’s favorite hard surface, as it has been for hundreds of years.  Hardwood flooring is not only beautiful but also offers added value to your home and provides a “healthier home” environment for your family.

If you reside in Brunswick, Bath, Freeport, Topsham, or Harpswell, and you are looking for hardwood flooring for your remodel or new home build, then look no further than Durfee’s Flooring Center.

The state of Maine is one full of tradition, and family traditions, including hardwood flooring. Durfee’s Flooring Center offers breathtaking hardwood flooring options that are focused on North American products, particularly the ones crafted proudly in Maine.

One of these North American Manufacturers is Maine Traditions Flooring, the makers of unfinished and prefinished solid and engineered wood flooring.

For three generations, Maine Traditions Flooring has been producing flooring of the highest quality. What makes Maine Traditions Hardwood flooring unique?

  • Products are produced from sustainably managed forests
  • All lumber is cut and milled in the state of Maine
  • Trees are grown in the cool Northern climate
  • Because of the slow growth of the trees, unique character and grains are produced.
  • The area’s soil has minerals that enhance the beauty of the wood by creating unique colorations.

Moosewood Hardwood Flooring, yet another North American manufacturer of hardwood flooring.  Using the highest standards of forest sustainability, from the tree seedling to the final board product, Moosewood Hardwood Flooring is a pioneer in responsible forestry stewardship.

Available in Maple, Birch, and Oak, Moosewood Flooring is backed by the Seven Islands, a well-respected name in forestry management. Moosewood Flooring is not only overseen by but also owned by certified professionals who are committed to high-quality flooring products.

The natural beauty of Maine Traditions Flooring and Moosewood Hardwood Flooring, like a fine wine, improves with age. Over time, sunlight, or the lack of natural light, temperature, and climate may alter your wood floorings colorations and hues.  But relax… it’s a beautiful thing. Stop by Durfee’s Flooring Center and see our wood floor offerings first hand.

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