Tile Information In Brunswick, ME

Durfee’s Flooring Center Offers a Diverse Choice of Tile for Flooring, Walls and Custom Shower Surrounds at Affordable Prices 


Tile is the best choice for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and other moisture-prone areas and we offer a complete selection plus professional installation. If your home remodeling project includes new bathroom flooring and shower surrounds, you should seriously consider tile for these areas. The tile might as well have been created specifically for areas where moisture is prevalent because there is no other product that offers such perfect benefits. From the design perspective, tile offers a wide variety of options to choose from. You can obtain a complete range of tile from the classic tile you’ll find in many bathrooms and kitchens, to high-end luxury tiles. This diverse set of choices makes tile an affordable option for nearly every remodeling budget. Consider these benefits:

  • It’s Waterproof – Glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles are waterproof, which makes them number one choice for household areas that are regularly exposed to water, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Using tile for a shower surround, wall covering, or flooring in these rooms can prevent water damage to underlying structures.
  • It’s Hypoallergenic – Since many of today’s tile materials are from natural sources such as stone or ceramic materials, they don’t give off any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which frequently kick off allergies in some individual. Tile surfaces that are also non-porous and easily wiped down, such as glazed ceramic tiles and glass tiles, are also far less likely to attract and harbor dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. Moreover, they are also resistant to the growth of mildew and bacteria.
  • It’s Durable – Floors and walls that are covered by synthetic materials are very easily damaged. A chair being dragged over a tile floor, or an overzealous youngster armed with crayons can create artwork on the surface that won’t easily be removed, if ever. It takes much more effort to create permanent damage in tile. While tiles can be chipped or cracked by dropping a heavy object upon them, damaged tiles are easily removed and replaced without affecting the undamaged tiles.
  • It’s Easy to Clean – One of the major problems with synthetic materials is that you have to be cautious about the chemicals that you clean them with. Tile is much easier to clean since you can scrub harder with any chemical cleaner. It is also very difficult for dirt or stains to gain any real foothold on the surface of the tiles.

Installing Tile is Usually Not a DIY Project

Professional tile installers have years of experience in preparing and setting tiles, which means they can quickly handle and solve problems that may occur. Tile installation also necessitates having special equipment that can cut tile smoothly to fit into odd-sized spaces. Because of the experience and necessary, contracting a tile installation expert at Durfee’s Flooring Center is recommended. Our installation team members are all State licensed and insured for our customer’s protection.

Durfee’s Flooring Center supplies and professionally install tile for homeowners in Brunswick, Bath, Freeport, Topsham, Harpswell, and other nearby Maine communities. If you would like to know more about tile or to see actual samples of the types available, phone us, e-mail us, or drop by at our showroom in Brunswick, ME at your convenience to discuss your interest in tile with one of our remodeling specialists.